Yidan Guo

In Yidan’s Guo’s art, her goal is not only to show what she sees and feels, but also to share the deeper emotions behind her sunjects. When people model for Yidan, she forms an inner connection with them. Her portraits are a way of revealing a state of mind that is shared by every human being, a common concern about happiness, fulfillment, mortality and eternity. These paintings convey the deep and subtle feelings involved in the connection between Yidan and her models. The layers of emotion she feels for them results in the quality of her paintings.


Yidan Guo, currently is a visiting Professor of Fine Art at Southern Utah University. Prior to this she taught at the School of Art at Renmin University in Beijing, China. Yidan earned a Master’s degree of Philosophy of Aesthetics from Renmin University of China, and a BA from the most prestigious Fine Arts institution of China—Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China (CAFA).