Visitors to Cedar City

Visitors always want to know where the good places are to eat. Here are the local restaurants we think are worth trying out. Cedar City is loaded with many fast food options, but we are only citing local (a few regional), personal favorites. Restaurants close somewhat early – often 9PM, so if you’re not sure, best to give a call first. Also, most restaurants are closed on Sunday, but we have indicated the exceptions. We like a cocktail with our meal  too, so we are also noting if alcohol is served. Pretty much everything is casual here, but you might step it up a bit for Chef Alfredo's.

Brick House Cafe
435-586-5344, 86 S Main St.


Why we like it: Great sandwiches and burgers, homemade French fries and sweet potato fries with caramel sauce (that’s right), salad bar. Also, homemade fudge. This restaurant is fairly non-descript from the outside (VERY deceiving), but it is spacious, and country store-cute on the inside; no alcohol.

Bruno’s, Italian

435-867-4477, 1744 W Royal Hunt Dr.


Why we like it: This restaurant might be in the Chevron, but the food rivals any with starched tablecloths and awesome wine lists; no alcohol.


Centro Woodfired Pizza

435-867-8123, 50 W Center St.


Why we love it: Atmosphere, fresh ingredients, creative pizza combinations; wine and beer.


Chef Alfredo Ristorante Italiano

435-586-2693, 2313 W 400 N Ste 1

OPEN Sunday (evening only)

Why we love it: Starched white tablecloths, awesome wine list, delicious traditional favorites, including seafood. Casual, but very nice Italian restaurant atmosphere. Make reservations during busy event times; wine and beer.


The French Spot, light French fare, al fresco dining

347-886-8587, 5 North Main St.

Limited hours off season, so call to be sure. OPEN Sunday AM

Why we like it: Fresh, light fare–breakfast, soups, salads quiche, desserts. HOWEVER, this summer they had steak and salmon dinners that we are told were amazing. This is an outdoor venue; no alcohol.


The Grind Coffeehouse

435-867-5333, 19 N Main St.


Why we love it: MORE than a coffee house. Countless smoothie, coffee and tea concoctions; breakfast, sandwiches, soups, salads, dessert–very generous portions; no alcohol.


IG Winery & Tasting Room

435-867-9463, 59 West Center St. 

Why we like it: Local wineries are rare in this area, but simply put, wine, wine and more wine–and the location is beautiful!

Ninja Japanese Steak House
435-867-5577, 1180 Sage Dr Ste. A

OPEN Sunday

Why we like it: Extensive sushi options  and plenty of other choices for those who don’t like sushi. Also, live hibachi cooking; beer and wine.


The Pastry Pub

435- 867-1400, 86 W. Center St.


Why we love it: Great, big sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts; no alcohol. This spot can be packed at high noon.


The Pizza Cart

435-590-8062, 1190 South Sage Drive, Suite B


Why we like it: More wood fired pizza from this brick and mortar that used to be brick oven on the back of a truck. Great pizza, delicious salads; no alcohol.

Rusty’s Ranch House

435-586-3839, 2275 E Highway 14


Why we like it: Taxidermy; full bar. This is the quintessential family restaurant in the area—the one that locals have been coming to for years for family birthdays, holidays and special occasions; full bar.

Tae's Tea

435-233-2481, 96N. Main St., in the Lin's plaza

OPEN Sunday


Why we love it: Amazing tea lattes and other concoctions, pastry and light lunch options. If you are a tea lover, then you will love the selection of over 100 bulk tea varieties; no alcohol (this isn't Portland, you know!)


Downtown Diner

435-267-1001, 155 N Main

OPEN Sunday


Why we love it: One of the few Sunday breakfast option, besides the chains, right here in Cedar City. Your basic local café, but great breakfast and lunch options; no alcohol, but bottomless coffee! Say "Hi" to Charity for us!