UPDATE: June 30, 2016 - We are finally open! We have been getting a many compliments on both gallery spaces, so our elbow grease, diligence and patience paid off.  I will still be refining many details as we move forward. The Shakespeare Festival has begun and will be in full swing starting next week. The Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) has opened and is AMAZING and should draw many visitors. See the links below for more information on the new Beverly Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts. Our regular hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-7 pm. I am open by appointment, so please call or email if you would to arrange a visit on Sunday or Monday — or earlier in the day.  

UPDATE: June 16, 2016 - We are days away from opening the gallery and our Grand Opening on June 24, 2016. The main gallery looks great and the second space (right next door) is well on the way to completion. We will be showing work by 29 artists working in a wide variety of media and styles. If you are in the neighborhood on the 24th, be sure to stop by. We will open next week, Tuesday-Saturday, slightly varying hours. Our regular hours, starting on Tuesday, June 28, will be 11-7 on those days. 

UPDATE: May 6, 2016 - I am in Cedar City putting the finishing touches on the gallery space. I am very happy with how things are looking considering we had a few logistics and aesthetics to overcome!  We are also renting the space right next door to the gallery which will serve as additional gallery space for exhibiting, solo shows, installations, demos and other related activities—time will tell. I have modified the opening plans slightly. We will still open by the first or second week in June, but with limited exposure. I will be open fully the week of the grand opening on June 24. This will be the first "Final Friday Art Walk" of the season. As usual, I continue to look at work for consideration. BTW the website URL is live: www.artworkscedarcity.com.

UPDATE: April 2, 2016 - I will be returning to Cedar City to complete the final stages of gallery setup later on this month. In the meantime I have been coordinating with artists. I will continue to look at submissions indefinitely, so keep sending them or referring artists. I plan a soft opening for Art Works absolutely by June 1, with the grand opening on June 24, This will be the first "Final Friday Art Walk" of the season. This weekend is also the invitational event to the new Southern Utah Museum of Art and the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts. Their opening celebration is July 7, 8,and 9. This should be perfect timing for a grand opening! 

UPDATE: March 21, 2016 - Unfortunately there was a family death, so I have been in RI for a couple of weeks, but we have made it back to Cedar City and have been working on gallery improvements. New paint and improved lighting are making a huge difference, but we have more to go. We will be back in town in 3 weeks or so to work on the next round of updates. Submissions continue to be accepted. I will catch up with any artists that might be waiting to hear from me as soon as possible. 

UPDATE: February 14, 2016 - The new gallery will be called Art Works. The new website URL (although not live yet) is www.artworkscedarcity.com. I am looking at submissions on an ongoing basis, so keep sending me your work and referring your artist friends!

UPDATE: January 5, 2016 - I have finally secured gallery space in Cedar City!  I am continuing to accept and review submissions for the gallery. It will be several months before the actual gallery opening, but I will be working diligently to get things off the ground. "Art Works" will be a gallery/storefront offering the work of various artists and media. I plan on offering a wide range of affordable, high quality fine art and fine craftwork. Art Works will be an inviting, comfortable, approachable gallery, not stuffy and sterile.  In addition, I am also thinking of alternate exhibit ideas for solo shows, installation exhibits and perhaps a film/music component. Check the Facebook page for updates. Thank you!

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