Terrance Wright

Terrance Wright was born in rural Texas. From using a stick to create pictures in the pond scum of the swamp lands, to creating his most recent flow paintings, he has always been creative. Wright views art as a way to escape the difficulties of the world and to find a sense of freedom. He is a self-taught artist who has worked with many different mediums, most recently in oil and acrylic on canvas. Wright utilizes many different techniques to create his colorful, chaotic pieces. However, he strives in each painting to turn that chaos into beauty, calling it ‘beautiful chaos’! Wright draws his inspiration from nature, whether it is the rocky landscapes of Utah, the beaches of California, or the swamps of Texas. His pieces range from abstract to realism, allowing him to create whatever moves him at that moment. Prayer and meditation are both a major part of his creative process. He views the creation of his art as a journey of an ever unfolding destiny.