Steve Thomsen

Steve Thomsen is a co-founder of World Imitation, later World Imitation Productions, a Los Angeles interdisciplinary art and music collective active during 1977 and 1982. As an artist, Thomsen has worked in several mediums, particularly collage. World Imitation is known for their publication of xeroxed zines, a series of collage-based booklets focusing on art exhibitions, happenings and events of the times, and mail art exchanged with other contemporary artists. These publications were sold at punk venues and record shops and were circulated locally and internationally. World Imitation eventually became a production company, forming the band, Monitor, and released a number of records under the Monitor name, and later The Tikis. As a member of Monitor, Thomsen played synthesizer and keyboards. He was also a member of the group, Solid Eye which was formed in 1992.


Thomsen currently resides in Arizona.

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