Shushana Rucker

Shushana Rucker grew up in a large family in the suburbs of Philadelphia. After high school she attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, while at PAFA she received many substantial awards including the Lewis S. Ware Memorial Travel Scholarship. After completing her undergraduate studies at PAFA Shushana went on to receive her MFA from the University of Delaware, where she was the recipient of a full tuition scholarship and stipend. She previously taught at Rosemont College, and teaches workshops at PAFA on a semi-annual basis. Shushana shows her work frequently and is represented by F.A.N. Gallery in Philadelphia. She moved to Rexburg in January of 2015 with her husband and daughter and continues to work in her studio and teach in the surrounding region.


"Rudolf Arnheim stated, 'Unless the stuff of the senses remains present the mind has nothing to think with'. "The ability to collect sensory data is imperative in the pursuit of conceptual connections.  Many people experience the world in a way that is skewed by misrepresentation: a glossed over, cleaned up or even exaggerated image of earth and the human condition. This prominently occurs in some forms of the arts, in media and in design. It is my belief that this distorted view of the world creates false associations and is harmful to progression. The lovely and unpleasant both have roles to play in human advancement. To ignore one or the other would be naïve. My work deals with perceptual, theoretical, conceptual and social connections, the connections we make on a daily basis while experiencing life.  I endeavor to be frank in my observations. This frankness allows me to freely represent the constant state of opposition in which we all live."