Scott Mitchell

Stepping back from music (but still keeping hold of those roots) I learned to weld; which brought me face to face with metal. Welding, at first, for practical reasons, led to creations of “found object d’art”. Manipulating metal into shapes imagined became a passion. I became my own “what if” company. Born in New Mexico in the mid fifties, and moving to Arizona before first grade; I grew up in Tucson. In 1995 I moved to the high desert of Monticello, Utah and now make my home and practice my craft “at the end of a dirt road” with my wife Carol and our dogs Tess & Bella.

Inspired from living and walking around the Southwest, my desert creatures are created by using a variety of traditional and not-traditional techniques. Hot metal, quick movement and over 50 hammer blows are necessary to make one small snake. A resident of the Four Corners region of the southwest for over 20 years, many of the forms and textures incorporated into Mitchell’s work are inspired by these incredible landscapes.

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