Sarah Hamingson

"I love rocks, especially red rocks. I love clouds, and the play of light and shadow on those rocks and clouds. The best way I've managed to share that love is through my art, by showing people what it is that moves me. It gets me out of bed in the morning, it gets me out exploring every chance I have. I strive to create my interpretation of that beauty so that others will also be moved by it and want to be part of it.


I have made art in some form or other throughout my life, from creating and performing with puppets as a teenager to drawing, watercolors and ceramics as an adult. In 2008, I took a pastel class and knew that I had found my medium. In 2009, I began competing in shows and earning ribbons and cash prizes and making sales.


My focus as an artist is primarily in interpreting the landscape around us. I never tire of being out exploring (well, except for the day I climbed two "14ers"!) and noticing the ways the light and shadows change the landscape, at different times of day, at different seasons of the year. Through my paintings I hope to both share my vision of it, and challenge viewers to look more deeply themselves. I look at my art as a way to build an understanding of and connection to the land around us."