Ric La Ban

I've been an artist in one form or another for a good portion of my life. My first foray into the art world was in the form of brick patios. I enjoyed it but, it was hard work. You know, lifting tons of bricks and then being on my knees all day. I really felt it in my back. I began riding a bicycle in 1975. Five years later I was working in a bicycle shop. I was in heaven! After bouncing around five or six stores in seven years, I began my apprenticeship of building custom steel bicycle frames. Now, I was really in heaven! Wouldn't you know, after about ten years of that, I was bored. I left my home in Tucson, Arizona for Dallas, Texas to begin learning the process of restoring European automobiles and vintage race cars. It was very interesting but, after six and a half years of it, I was once again bored. I moved to New Mexico and began an apprenticeship of jewelry making. This allowed me to work with silver, gold and gorgeous precious and semi-precious stones. After two years, I began making my own designs. It got to the point where I needed photos of my work to submit for juried shows. I found a photographer who shoots the best images for jury submission, however, his rates were $$$$. I had him shoot my work twice and then decided to purchase my own camera for $$$ and begin the process of learning how to shoot jury photos of my jewelry. It has been the most difficult undertaking I have ever tackled but, I don't expect to be getting bored with jewelry making and photography any time soon! All of my work is a wonderful surprise and a delight to me.