Mel Johnson

"I am inspired by the uniqueness and nobility of the tree, and look upon it as a special gift to this earth from God. The tree is not only a thing of fabulous beauty but serves the planet with nothing but good; It provides us with a bounty of oxygen while absorbing gasses that are harmful to other living things. Its branches provide shade to shelter and protect us, and feed as with its fruit, its roots anchor the soil as it stands with eternal patience while witnessing thousands of years of history. When it comes down; due to age, weather or by man it may supply us with timber for our homes and furniture or for kindling to heat our homes and cook our food. As a woodcrafter, I strive to honor the tree by enhancing its natural beauty and wonder. Using my ability to form, shape and preserve selected wood in both its natural and refined state. I feel the trees spirit is in my hands, through my efforts and skills its fabulous beauty and soul will continue to live.   I aspire to fashion art pieces from wood abandoned, discarded or otherwise destined for the scrap heap or permanent destruction. By preserving the uniqueness of a piece through artistic craftsmanship, the wood is provided the opportunity to symbolically live on."

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