Megan Bauer

Megan Bauer is an artist with an affinity for anything eclectic and unusual.  This interest is reflected in her art as she deliberately gravitates towards atypical shapes, combinations of media, and compositions.  To nurture her love of the curious and inform her work, Megan explores mediums, listens to indie music, and strives to associate with others who resist the norm.

Megan first discovered her love of art in high school as she frequented the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center, but was hesitant to engage her own creative powers.  Her love of art grew when she attended Southern Virginia University and took various art courses with professors that encouraged her love of art and assisted in her artistic growth.  These professors gave her the support and confidence to graduate with a double major in art, as well as business.


Upon graduation, Megan and her fiancé moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where they were married and then worked full time.  During this time, Megan's art practice fell to the side, but shortly after having her first baby, her determination to become a professional artist was lit in full force.  Megan has continued to make art and develop her style despite any of the challenges that has come her way.

In addition to spending time in the studio, Megan loves to read historical fiction, fantasy novels, and self-help books.  She also loves to declutter and always has a box ready to go to Goodwill.  She is an avid journaler and can always be found with a notebook or a pad of post-its, ready to record observations and inspiration.