Mattie Mallernee

Mattie Mallernee (1981, Arizona, USA) is prolific in her approach to art. She creates photography, abstract and representational paintings, mixed media and digital art. Her works include vibrant art which stirs one’s imagination and incites a sense of wonder. She creates art in a limitless way. This comes from her dream to escape adversities and desire for her art to bring hope and enjoyment to others.

With her traditional education in business management, Mattie changed her focus to art after her health took a turn for the worst. She became an artist out of a pure need to find a place where pain and suffering didn’t exist. She found that place when she was creating art.

Mattie currently works out of her home studio and resides in Gilbert, Arizona. She enjoys traveling as part of her passion to explore and create new works. She is a self-taught photographer, painter, entrepreneur, small business owner, and philanthropist.