Mary Ann Parlin

Paper has traditionally been a one-dimensional medium. Mary Ann Parlin uses paper to investigate and to give concrete visual form and dimension to the process of experience. The fragments represent bits and pieces of thoughts, feelings, and impressions that will eventually merge and become an individual experience. The layered framework serves as a structure that holds the various fragments in place and satisfies the need to impose some order on the piece. The finished assemblage is Parlin's attempt to develop a concrete representation of her abstract thoughts.

Manipulating paper to give it form, dimension, and movement is challenging and intriguing. The relationship between the form and the surface is defined by balancing color, line, and repetition. Parlin strives to keep this relationship simple and primitive by allowing form to rough, ragged, and natural. The ambiguity of the hidden layers is compelling and helps to foster a dialogue between the viewer and the piece. Paper offers a limitless range of possibilities to explore.