Marcus Najac

Marcus Najac is a self-proclaimed vessel maker, primarily focusing on design and utility. He strives to make simple forms that demonstrate restraint and good craftsmanship, believing that through simplicity, his pottery is strengthened and beautified.


“My earthenware surfaces are comprised of commercial glazes and under glazes. In order to achieve color and texture, and to manage the outcome, I apply slips and glazes, firing multiple times. Combining layers of these materials I am able to achieve a surface that looks worn or aged. I am interested in this patina like surface and how it gives vitality to my vessels. The use of geometric patterns adds contrast and dynamics to my work. My intent is that through referencing the natural process of time and its resulting effect on ceramic objects, my work may also stand the test of time. My hope is that my work can communicate to the viewer a captivating and quiet conversation.”