Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson received a Bachelor of fine Art at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with studies in environmental sciences and ecology. She brings together a unique perspective on the world through art. Rich in diversity, the natural world is a perfect place to explore process, experimentation and practice to in turn creatively express commonalities and familiar patterns in every day interaction and life.


“Evolving shifts in nature juxtaposed with perceived reality, ultimately create wild dreamlike landscapes for me. By rearranging or abstracting figurative shape and landscape, forms come together in a composite driven by curiosity in humanity, environment and natural diversity.”


Piecing or layering shapes and forms, figures, systems, and landscape create a sort of textured visual “earth diary,” or "layered cake" of natural successions or conditions revealing an environment reinventing itself. This process is as an ongoing experiment with the subconscious while layering it with inherited natural conditions.

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