Kelly Yeats

"I am drawn to representational abstraction, with color, hue, gradations and gestural marks in my work. Nature and natural aspects of my environment are my preference in what I choose to interpret. I select images, concepts, or ideas for inspiration, and deconstruct them in a way that interpretation is left to the viewer, much like an inkblot, even as my intent is left transparent. My work can sometimes radiate a cold violence, much like an angry sea; or sometimes a haunting beauty, like the calm after a storm. To test the boundaries and sharpen my abstractions, experimentation and the accidental are a large part of my work. My canvas is typically not canvas at all – but can be wood, glass, silk or metal."

Yeats is currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, as a candidate for the MFA Painting program. Expected graduation is Spring 2020.

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