Kelly Neu

From concepts to colors, much of Kelly Neu’s inspiration comes from nature. Her works shows a love of the garden, which showcases flowers, birds, leaves and other nearby elements. Her work is handcrafted, either on the potters wheel, or created using hand building techniques. Much of her pottery decorating is done with painting under glaze colors, using sgraffito (carving into the clay), and adding sculptural elements.

Kelly’s artwork is intended for everyday use. The clay is stoneware or porcelain, fired to cone 6 temperature, which makes the clay durable and the colors bright. The glazes she uses are food-safe. While the glazes are dishwasher safe, Kelly recommends hand washing the pottery to prevent chips and possible etching from hard water.

Kelly Neu is a lifelong learner. She is self-taught, seeking knowledge from local courses, mentors and books. She has a true passion and talent for pottery.