John Zajac


"My intention when I paint is to create a sense of optimism. The thought that with only a small amount of paint and a blank canvas one can create a variety of emotions, inspires me. The colors I choose come from the vibrancy I see in nature. My goal is to translate this vibrancy onto the canvas. My interest is not in creating another wall hanging or decoration, but to create work that suspends without the nail. The passion I have to be creative is a struggle within me to produce work that people can appreciate, regardless of race or economic status.

I feel that if I go for long periods of time without a paint brush in my hand or some channel for spiritual expression my soul becomes disconnected. Tapping into the creative mystery that surrounds us influences every paint stroke I make. My goal when I produce my work is to connect with the viewer on a visceral level in hopes of making an emotional impact”.

Constellation Craftsman.jpg