Jessica Hancock

Jessica Marie Hancock (formerly Springman) is a visual artist producing highly detailed drawings with strong geometric elements. She received her bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Art from Westminster College of Salt Lake City in 1998. Interested in the concepts of design and spatial relationships, her work explores the idea of abstraction as it relates to aesthetic uniformity and universal balance. Her artistic style is very clean and has been described in many ways, but the favorite is “Vennism” — breaking apart multivariate reality into constituent and relational elements as separated and nested 2D representations.


Everything Jessica draws is done entirely by hand.


Jessica has been the focus of many solo exhibitions and included in over 65 art shows since 2013. She is the recipient of various honors and awards, including membership with the National Association of Women Artists and the American Watercolor Society. Her work has won many awards including a Distinguished Artist Award from ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal. She was also awarded the year-long 2015-2016 Stutz Artist Association [Indiana] Studio Resident Award as well as one of 12 seats at the Butler University [Indiana] Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts Symposium in 2016.


Jessica’s work has been used by many well-known corporations including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Boy Scouts of America and Pearl Drums. She is twice published by Westminster John Knox Press and can be found in print circulations including Artist Talk Magazine, ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal, StudioVisit Magazine, and Artblend Gallery’s “The Art Book 2019” and “The Art Book 2020”.