Jenny Dawn Stucki

Oil painter, Jenny Dawn Stucki, lives in southwest Utah surrounded by the dramatic landscape and movement of people that inspires her work. Her father’s military career offered her the opportunity to live in a variety of locations throughout the U.S. and Europe. As a child she drew so much that her father could hardly keep an adequate supply of printer paper on hand. She found the challenges of acquainting herself with new areas and new people to be exciting—yet, amid all these changes, her love for art was constant.

While earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio painting at Brigham Young University, she worked as an archaeological illustrator for the Museum of People’s and Cultures. In this capacity, her detailed pen and ink drawings of Native American pottery and other artifacts furthered her exploration of light and its interplay on objects, while sparking a curiosity and love for people—whether past or present. During this time, she exhibited often in the Spring Salon of the Springville Museum of Art where she once received the cover image award on the 69th exhibition catalogue for her figurative painting.

Museum connections continued as she enjoyed a 10-year career as curator for the St. George Art Museum. But wanting to be more involved in the act of painting, and not afraid of change, she moved her passions to the outdoors where she found inspiration as educator and hiking guide for diverse groups of people. Their fresh response to the remarkable southwest landscape sparked her creative energy.

Throughout this time, she continued to study painting under the influences of artists such as Kim English, Michelle Torrez and Jean LeGassick. As a Certified Interpretive Guide with the NAI (National Association of Interpretation), her work as Naturalist for state parks has allowed her further opportunities for observation and discovery. Through field sketches, photographs, and paintings, she explores the connections between people and place.