Jenny Christiansen

Wheelbarrow of Flowers_Christiansen_Art

“I have always been drawn to create but never more so than when I moved to the desert of the Southwest. The Southwest, more specifically southern Utah has always been a favorite place of mine.  While growing up in California my Mom would bring my brothers and me to southern Utah each year for adventures in Zion National Park. I remember loving being enveloped in the great canyon walls on those trips. Then years later while attending college in Bozeman at Montana State University, I'd escape to the desert of southern Utah at any opportunity. With friends I would climb for weeks at a time on the sandstone cracks of Indian Creek. Again, I loved being enveloped in the great canyon walls.


In 2014 I came to live in a small town outside of Zion National Park. Once living in southern Utah I began to see for the first time not just the great sandstone cliffs but the plants that surrounded them.  It was the variety of colors and shapes, the way the plants grew in the most unlikely spots that captured me.  Then once I saw the gorgeous full blossoms that sprung from the plants, seemingly out of nowhere, I was sold! My creativity was sparked and I have been inspired to make jewelry and paintings that reflect their beauty ever since. My hope is that wearing or viewing my work gives you, or enhances your appreciation for southern Utah; its great sandstone cliffs, its variety of desert plants and the beautiful wildflowers.”