Janet Amundson-Splidsboel

"I primarily paint with molten, pigmented beeswax. This is called Encaustic painting. I use brushes to paint entirely with layers of molten wax (no mixed media), and use a propane torch to fuse each new layer of beeswax to the underneath layers of wax. (Sometimes a viewer will ask if mine are oil paintings with wax brushed on top, but that is not the case!) A completed encaustic painting using my technique could have as many as 25 or more layers of beeswax fused together with the propane torch. All of the subtle colors in the painting are layers of beeswax shining up through other layers of wax, resulting in beautiful luminosity. Because of this luminosity and glow, viewers often ask if my paintings are tile, porcelain, or even glass.


I began painting late in life, following a career in business. My father and brother were both architects so as a youngster I was influenced by watching them produce wonderful drawings. After many years of pursuing a career not related to art I am now in an especially peaceful and fulfilled state doing what I believe I was ultimately meant to do. I paint nearly every day.


My artistic goal for 2019 is to further develop my encaustic style with figurative and still life subject matter, with an emphasis on experimentation. In addition to encaustic work, I also plan to paint a series of large abstracted figurative oil paintings."