Jack Seibold

Jack Seibold discovered his love for creating sculptures out of metal as a college student. With a welding torch as his primary tool, he combines high heat with pounding, bending, melting, cutting, and grinding in order to get just the right look. Using old scrap metal, he repurposes it into works of simple elegance; sometimes employing the use of wood and rock as alternative mediums. His pieces are existential in nature as he allows them to go wherever they lead him. He draws inspiration anywhere from the compositional elements of a photograph to a pile of paper; sometimes sketching out his ideas and other times allowing the piece to take whatever identity it emerges into. As he repurposes the metal he puts a lot of himself into his work, making his pieces very personal and honest. Jack’s work is unique in that it tells a story using material that already has a story of its own.