Gary Fenske

Born in 1948, Fenske is well known around the world as the pioneer of luminism. His invisible art is mesmerizing. On what appears to be a blank white canvas, his fine art paintings hide, waiting to surprise the unsuspecting viewer. Art filled his life even as a child. Fulltime, it now spans over 40 years.

Fenske calls Luminism a “Secret World” because so few have been exposed to its beauty. Even so, it has influenced us in wonderful and unexpected ways. He reveals many of the secrets in his new book, ”The Secret World of Invisible Art”.

Life often sets you on unknown paths that control your destiny. That is what happened in 1958 when Fenske first encountered luminous fine art. It filled him with amazement and changed his life forever. Déjà-vu moments make him smile when he sees others experience luminism for the first time.

His favorite hobby, outside of art, is indulging in theoretical sciences. In the image on this page, Fenske touches a floating tetrahedron; a visualization of his space/time pixel. Hypothesizing that quantum pixels fill the fabric of space, he added a new possibly to the makeup of our universe.

Through the years, many prestigious galleries from around the world have handled Fenske’s work. The first "Night Visions"® gallery dedicated to his luminous art opened in the mid 1990's in Nagoya, Japan. The second followed in Tokyo Ginza district. He was the first American artist to show my work at the Nagoya Shogun Castle and the first artist to place luminous paintings in the estate of a prince in Saudi Arabia.

His work has graced the walls of the Parliament Building for the Speaker of the House in Victoria, Canada. "Night Visions"® paintings are among the treasured.