Doug Gilbert

In 1962, Doug Gilbert tried for the first time to paint in oils. From then until today he has stayed with this medium. Along the way he has studied painting with many different instructors, some as private lessons and some in the classroom. It was all very helpful. In 1968, after two years of service in the army, Doug pursued his formal training in art and in 1972, he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in drawing & painting from California State University Long Beach. Doug wanted to be an educator, however there were too many applicants and very few positions to be filled. For the next forty years he had several different jobs, including working for the federal government and a gallery owner. Doug worked part time at a small restaurant while working his way through college. Then in 1980, the owner and his former employer called him and said he needed to retire and offered to sell the restaurant to Doug. He took him up on that offer. Doug still owns the restaurant, and this has allowed him to become a full time artist. He never quit on his painting career.


Gilbert paints a variety of landscape scenes from the red rock cliffs of Zion National Park to green fields and brush of the west coast. His landscapes are painted with great attention to detail and his color palette is rich with earth tones and lush greens. His paintings have been featured in and collected by many people throughout the western United States