Coleton Lunt

To make is instinctual and spiritual. It is the transformation of clay to an idea and the progression of aesthetic through experimentation. It is an absorbing and visceral process that takes place with people, sound, silence or solitude. When the work is finished, I want it to stimulate and convey sincerity to the viewer in an unassuming way. I incorporate soft minimalist features to my pots by using graceful and flowing lines, always with the user in mind. I want these forms to have a nurturing feel in the user’s hand and function as humble, imaginative additions to daily life. I fire my work in wood kilns; the meandering nature of flame invigorates the surface of these quiet forms. The firing process energizes and adds vitality the pots, it wakes them up with a sense of character. Form and flame compliment one another and generate compositions I couldn’t envision on my own. Creation is a part of daily life and I hope my work carries a positive message. As my aesthetic evolves through the process, I hope my pots nourish the soul as they feed

the body.