Carole Foster

Carole, a native of Memphis, received a BA in sculpture from the University of Arkansas in 1973. In the early 1980's she set out to establish herself as an independent artist, experimenting with murals and faux finishes. A few years later she developed an interest in the calligraphy that now represents the bulk of her work.


Her calligraphy spans every style from ultra elegant to bouncy and fun. In addition to traditional calligraphy, she enjoys lettering on a wide variety of surfaces including walls, furniture, and animal skins. Recently she has combined her love of lettering with her early training in sculpture to produce lettering carved in stone.


Her pastimes include hiking, working with her Shetland Sheepdogs, Garbo, Xena and Riley, and volunteering at Dust Devil Horse Ranch Sanctuary for Horses. Carole is also volunteers at Dust Devil Horse Ranch Sanctuary for Horses and creates braided horsehair bracelets and accessories. Each bracelet is unique and she often incorporates stones, beads or silver.