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We are proud to represent the following artists:

Janet Amundson-Splidsboel, Encaustic (molten beeswax) painting, figurative and still life

Sandy Bell, Book arts

Chris Bodily, Illustration

Brooke Borcherding, Painter, abstract expressionism

JM Brodrick, Realistic painting, equestrian, figurative, landscape

Jenny Christiansen, Expressionistic painting, florals

Kelly Chuning, Photography

Bonnie Conrad, Western life and Native American oil painting

Beverly Curtis, Raku pottery and jewelry

Dara Daniel, Painter
Barbara Ellard, Ceramics
David Ence, Non-representational folk art
Ardith Fish, "Fish", Decorative ceramics
Fontaiña, Hard edge, abstract painting
Doug Gilbert, Realistic oil painting

Sheila Grabarsky, Abstract painting

Yidan Guo, traditional Chinese painting

Jessica Hancock, Geometric pen and ink, papercuts

Susan Harris, Ceramicist, ancient Chinese and Etruscan inspired vessels
Brian Hoover, Painter, symbolism

Willamarie Huelskamp, Painter, figurative, animals

Deborah Hutcheson, Jeweler

Kim Johnson, Painter, symbolism

Mel Johnson, Woodworker

Jennifer Kapnek, Painter, 3 Dimensional nature paintings

Ric La Ban, Fine sterling jewelry

Larry Laskowski, Painter, watercolor

Rae Lewis, Abstract Painter
Coleton Lunt, Ceramicist, functional and decorative
Mattie Mallernee, Convergent media
Lisa Mann, Oil and cold wax abstract painting

Andrew Kent-Marvick, Pre-modernist abstract painting

Carl Mazur, Fine photography
Scott Mitchell, Decorative steel objects

Marcus Najac, Functional ceramics
Kelly Neu, Functional and decorative ceramics

Sally O'Neill, Expressionist oil painter, landscapes and still life

Anthony PearsonFunctional and sculptural ceramics
Kelly Phipps, Up-cycled metal sculpture

Candace Primack, Abstract painting

Todd Prince, Fine crafts, gourd art

Lacey Prisbrey, Ceramics

Jennifer Rasmusson, Abstract painting
Christine Rio, Artisan jewelry, copper, silver, pearl

Kari Rives, Sculptor, ceramic and bronze

Tatiana Roulin, Painter, pastel, landscapes, representational

Shushana Rucker, Painter, oil, realism

Mike (Ryno) Ryan, Painter, oil, expressionism

Andrea Salkowe, Paper arts

Jack Seibold, Sculptor, reclaimed metal & wood assemblage

Tony Seker, Painter, acrylic, abstract

Adrienne Stacey, Ceramicist, wall pieces
Jenny Dawn Stucki, Figurative, regional painting

Steve Thomsen, Paper collage
Lynne Toepfer, Hand crafted cards, leather jewelry
Victoria Wagner, Spectral painting, wood sculpture

David J. West, Fine photography, regional landscapes

Terrance Wright, Abstract painting
Kelly Yeats, Fused glass, jewelry and objects
John Zajac, Primitive and modern painting

We also offer work by the following artists:

Yu and Ed, ArtKvarta, Estonia

Dennis and Roy Barloga, Barloga Studios, San Leandro, CA

Carolyn Bulkley, Portland, OR

Nataliya Businka, Kyiv, Ukraine

Geraldine Foote, Peace Leaves, Lake Oswego, OR

Nancy Froehlich, Land Bird, Wren, OR

Kathleen Heafey, Woven Grey, Oakland, CA

LeeAnn Herried, Individual Icons, Warren, RI

Ildi, Ceraminic, The Netherlands

Earl Jones, Puredezine, Baltimore, MD

Louise Knight, Jackdaw Bindery, West Sussex, UK

Taya Koschnick, Tasi Designs, Portland, OR

Jessica Kramer, Hawkhouse, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Cherie Lewis, Mama's Little Babies, San Francisco, CA

Billy Losleben, Concrete Project, Sultan, WA

Anderw Mau, Mau-House, Providence, RI

Leela Morimoto, LeeMo Designs, Bend, OR

Beth Newitt, Petit Hero, Las Vegas, NV

Chandler O’Leary, Anagram Press, Tacoma, WA

Oblation, Portland, OR

Christophe Poly, Crono Design, Montreal, Canada

Sean Roberts, Forest Ceramic, Orcas Island, WA

Dean Robertson, Forest Life Creations, Lynnwood, WA

Mary Ann Saville, Vedeli Design, Santa Fe, NM

Sonia Schimke, Sosie Designs, San Francisco, CA

Erin and Brandon Spangler, BE Creations & Designs, Fairmount, GA

Sharon Shamay, Shooohs Jewelry, Israel

Becky and Matt Waehner, Anvil Metals, Raleigh, NC

Waterknot Press, Portland, OR


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