Our artists



Most of our artists can be found on individual websites, through Instagram and Facebook, as well as on Etsy. We would be happy to point you in the right direction if you are trying to find an artist whose work you purchased at our gallery along the way. 

We have been proud to represent the following artists:

Janet Amundson-Splidsboel

Chris Bodily

Brooke Borcherding

JM Brodrick

Jenny Christiansen

Bonnie Conrad

Beverly Curtis

Dara Daniel
Sheila Grabarsky

Yidan Guo

Jessica Hancock

Susan Harris
Brian Hoover

Jennifer Kapnek

Ric La Ban

Mattie Mallernee
Andrew Kent-Marvick

Scott Mitchell

Sally O'Neill

Kelly Phipps

Christine Rio

Tatiana Roulin

Shushana Rucker

Mike (Ryno) Ryan

Jack Seibold

Tony Seker

Victoria Wagner

David J. West

John Zajac

Dennis and Roy Barloga, Barloga Studios

Nataliya Businka

Geraldine Foote, Peace Leaves

Nancy Froehlich, Land Bird

Kathleen Heafey, Woven Grey

LeeAnn Herried, Individual Icons

Ildi, Ceraminic

Louise Knight, Jackdaw Bindery

Taya Koschnick, Tasi Designs

Jessica Kramer, Hawkhouse

Billy Losleben, Concrete Project

Anderw Mau, Mau-House

Leela Morimoto, LeeMo Designs

Chandler O’Leary, Anagram Press

Oblation Press

Christophe Poly, Crono Design

Sean Roberts, Forest Ceramic

Dean Robertson, Forest Life Creations

Mary Ann Saville, Vedeli Design

Sonia Schimke, Sosie Designs

Erin and Brandon Spangler, BE Creations & Designs

​Waterknot Press