Anja Whitemyer

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Anja Whitemyer floral

Anja Whitemyer is not only the owner of AW Gallery, Las Vegas fine art gallery, she is also a self-taught multi talented artist herself. She never really calls herself an actual artist, out of respect to her showing artists and since she sees her art more as a fun way to catch an emotion on canvas (her abstract works) or tries to put a fun loving twist into her mixed media artworks. Her goal is the motto of "less is more" and the "play of light and showdown " is a strong influence into her fairytale series.

Born and raised in Germany, in October 2001 she moved to the United States ( Santa Clarita , California), in 2014 she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Anja grew up with a musical and painting father and a mom working in the fashion industry. Music, art, and fashion those are still things that she finds fascinating and have a huge impact on her today's life.

In her twenties she traveled  with her motorcycle around Europe , especial Spain, France, Italy and England . Seeing different countries , cities and meeting new people influenced her in her profession and taught her to look closely and find beauty in everyday things. 

Growing up with a painting father, Anja grabbed the paintbrush the minute she could walk. She got a scholarship at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK Hamburg) = University of fine Arts in Hamburg, but due to a family tragedy she had to step away from a career in the arts and work in a cosmetic laser and surgery center to support her family. She kept her camera and worked as a documentary photographer for a lot of her artist friends .