Andrea Salkowe

"At heart I am an artist.  Most every medium has been my palette from oils to pottery and now jewelry. My work has a collage like effect, layered textures and colors allowing the viewer to have their own experience with the artwork.


I have been creating art for over 35 years. My oil paintings are in private collections in the US and Switzerland as well as in the collection of museums such as the New York State Museum. My jewelry experience began studying metal work at Skidmore College. For a long time I made nontraditional looking silver and gold pieces by cutting metals and hammering to create texture. These would then be collaged into wearable objects of art by hot and cold connecting techniques like solder and rivets. Finally I added color with patinas and enamels. More recently my focus has been on creating my own beads of clay and the use of enamels. I love collecting pieces of the past like old beads and tribal pieces.


My husband and I recently moved to St. George from upstate New York with our Maltipoos, and are really loving the southwest. We have three children, scattered around the US. Family, my surroundings and my imagination are my inspiration. I have rock piles everywhere! They have the textural feel I so love.


I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry!"