Adrienne Stacey

“In my forty years of becoming a potter, what satisfies me is one of my pieces connecting earth with soul. 

I’ve worked with clay professionally for over forty years. I am a Columbia River basin native. My life is a product of the Pacific Northwest, and the ecology of our area is the primary influence in my art.”


These are some of the processes I go through that have kept me engaged in my work for forty years:


Clay in my hands working with me to be.

Singeing my eyebrows as I spy through the peephole in my kiln, I can see the

flame whorling up to 2400 degrees.

Pulling off the towel covering my triple-beam gram scale to measure glaze

ingredients with names like Custer ‘Spar, Old Mine Four, Zircopax and

Cobalt Carbonate.

Throwing a four piece sectional vase without really knowing until I piece it

together whether it will make harmonic magic or awkward embarrassment.

Standing at my sliding glass door in my studio watching the sun shine at the

edge of the thunderstorm.